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Vance Hall, University of Pennsylvania

Created for the prominent ivy league business school, this project relocated two academic departments into an existing brutalist style building.  The completed interior renovation celebrates the original structures rich framework of concrete beams and columns, while allowing new interventions to emerge in a graceful counterpoint.

A refined palette of etched marble, dark-toned metal and walnut paneling, are scribed to the interior shell space, their grain and surfaces vertically oriented to accentuate the interior volume.  The natural tones of these finishes are enhanced by subtle use of color and texture from sophisticated furniture selections.

Use of lighting was an essential element in the transformation of this environment.  Ceiling planes are washed by strategically placed light coves which also serve as intuitive wayfinding devices.  Beginning in reception, these lines of light turn gracefully through the ceiling leading to the office corridor beyond.  The lounge seating beneath this elegant curved gesture is the feature gathering place and pre-function area servicing conference rooms. 

These spaces are the ideal environment for contemplation, focus and are a compelling reflection of the business school’s stature.

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