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A thoughtful interior renovation and updating for a classic piece of 1960’s architecture. Natural, tailored materials, bespoke millwork and sculpted forms complement the concrete structural elements that have been re-claimed and exposed.

HOK Architects

Completed 2019


"The Cube"


Simulating the texture of woven bamboo, the three-level sculptural feature wall is assembled from hundreds of unique parametrically designed and fabricated forms that respond to the rhythm and module of the buildings glass and steel façade.

HOK Architects

Completed 2020


The new building at PSU’s main campus features state of the art laboratory and research spaces, collaborative study areas, administrative support and a premiere lecture hall. 

HOK Architects
Completed 2019


PSU CEBME Building 1485.jpg

Exhibition Review: 

Tar or Chocolate? Jay Hardman's Alternate Universe at Space 1026

Using edible cakes, frosting and construction materials, these artworks sought to capture a vivid and chaotic moment of "Urban Renewal" in the city of Philadelphia, PA while set against the backdrop of local gentrification and the early 2000's financial crisis and housing bubble.

Philadelphia Cake View 2.jpg

NESL, is difficult to describe. It is a potential lifeform, it is a synthetic ecosystem, it is a provocative thought piece that uses empathy and phenomena to bridge the divide between the virtual and physical world.

In the award winning film produced by designers at Drexel University, Design Futures Lab, a family of autonomous robotic lifeforms discover and interact with their unique habitat, and watch as their world come to life through the bloom of multicolored crystals and a living landscape.

iphone photos fall 2014 winter 2015 1671

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PSU CEBME Building 1576.jpg

Jay Hardman

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